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We offer a wide spectrum of services in the areas of Accounting, Cost and Management Accounting, Cost Advisory, Tax (VAT and Corporate tax )compliance Support, and Financial Management.

1. Bookkeeping and Accounting

Accurate recording of transactions to suit your business needs tailored to the requirements for
  1. Evaluating the business
  2. Managerial decision-making and control
  3. Tax legislation compliance ( VAT and Corporate Tax )
  4. Improving business performance by identifying the possibility of increasing revenues
  5. Identifying the potential financial and operational risk and providing solutions for mitigating the same
  6. Optimizing cash flow and effective utilization of assets.

2. Tax Compliance Support Services

Individual Tax Services
  • We provide tax (VAT and Corporate tax) Compliance Support. In particular, we assist in
  • Maintaining and keeping accounting records as per the requirements of the Federal Tax Authority
  • Error-free return filing
  • Payment of VAT
  • Refund of VAT paid and
  • Keep you updated on changes in Tax Legislation (VAT and Corporate Tax)

3. External and internal audit.


Internal audits focus on measuring current performance and finding areas for improvement. External audits focus on proving the accuracy and veracity of financial statements. Auditor: External auditors are from a third party while internal auditors work on a company’s behalf.

4. Cost and Management Accountancy Services.

Cost Services
  • Designing Costing accounting systems, Profit centres, Cost centres, SBU as per Line of Business
  • Inventory & Stock reconciliation and Operation audit
  • Formulating Standard operating procedures
  • Advisory on product cost, sale price determination, and product mix decision
  • Cost Identification, Cost reduction, and control
  • Budgetary controls, Capacity Utilization analysis, Fixed Assets Management

Financial Training

Training Available

Cost Accountants have a detailed knowledge of accounting systems and processes and are therefore in an excellent position to train junior members of your finance function in all aspects of bookkeeping from basic to advanced ensuring they accurately input information to ensure efficient maintenance of books of accounts. Depending on your team’s ambition and capability, we can even train them to prepare Management Accounts themselves.

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